Compact latching hinge with safety catch

Compact latching hinge with safety catch

Perfect for easy operation of your HVAC-doors

Patent pending 180º Latching Hinge that may be used as hinge or latch according to need. Allows you to open door as left- or right hinged door, or to remove door completely. Universal left- and right assembly. Available with a built-in safety catch for safe opening of pressurized doors. In addition to the 3 mm compression that always applies, the Hinge Latch can easily be adjusted between offset 0 mm, 1,5 mm or 3,0 mm to put more pressure on the gasket and ensure a tight and sealed door. Door part mounts on a mounting bracket (included) which stabilize the door in the Latching Hinge area and provide further adjustability. The Latching Hinge can be adjusted 3 mm in all three directions. Clicks into distinct open and closed position for tactile feedback and supplies with insert recessed hexagon 8 mm. Supplied with open and close indication for insert position.

Also customizable with your logotype (logotype area prepared). Frame part mounts with screws. Mounting bracket for the door mounts with Ø 4 mm blind rivets (pop-rivets). Mounting hardware not included.

Note that a normal panel will need four units in order to operate as either left-open, right open, or completely removable. with blind rivets (pop-rivets). The frame part may be mounted with screws or blind rivets.
No problems with thermal break as units are surface-mounted on to door and frame parts, resulting in no parts intruding through the double skinned doors.

Logotypes or other colors offered upon request. 

See drawings, part numbers and find downloadable PDF on the English product info page 3-155d.

See the explanatory video below.




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