• Swing handles
    • Rod latches
    • Accessories


    • Quarter-turn latches
    • Special: System Klima-Flex
    • Special: Vector T-Handles


    • Concealed hinges
    • External hinges
    • Special hinges


    • Edge protection
    • Sealing profiles
    • VDI 6022 or DIN EN 45545-2


    • Handles
    • Spring loaded latches
    • Inspection windows


    • Latching systems
    • Quarter-turn latches
    • Hinges

      Specific solution systems


        Latching system Vision and Vision "Classic" fulfils all demands on a modern solution for electronic enclosures and server cabinets. Also: hinges, sealing profiles and accessories for your application. Read more …

          Klima-Flex 1 & 2

          Create latching, hinging and sealing solutions for your HVAC- or air handling units. Truly modularized system with numerous components, all being tried and tested. Design your individual solutions based on standard parts. Simple mounting processes. Approved to RLT directives, VDI 6022; sealed from L3 to L1. Read more …

            extra Flush HANDLEs/Latches

            T-handles and paddle latches: w/o compression.
            Made for vibrating environments like diesel generators (gen-sets), air compressors, trucks, construction machines, RVs or other special vehicle applications.
            Read more …


                    Applications and Industries

                    News & Stories

                    COMPACT LATCHING HINGE

                    A latch that works like a hinge - and the other way around!

                    The multi-function compact latching hinge makes it possible to open, turn over or completely remove a door or access panel using the same hardware. This creates maximum flexibility when building an HVAC-unit when the final installation position is not known to 100%. It allows you to open a service door to the left, to the right or to be removed completely.

                    VISION ESCUTCHEON PLATE

                    Adding style and function to your door - and is simple to upgrade!

                    The Vision escutcheon plate allows you to add a stylish "handle" to your door. The major advantage with this product is that provides the basic latching functions and is at the same time easy to exchange and upgrade to a professional swing handle with more durable locking functions. The product is available as IP 65 and available for control mechanism (with flat rods) or available for cam with round rods.
                    If equipped with insert Double Bit 3 or Double Bit 5 the plate can be combined with a partially covered insert ("key capture"), allowing you to use the key as a temporary handle while operating the door. The product is suitable for metal thicknesses 0,8 mm – 3,5 mm.

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                        Here, we hace collected the videos describing how to assemble, and mount the products in your application. You can also meet our Lennart that in plain english will describe the difference between different hinges, how sealing profiles are made, how foamed gaskets are applied and much more. 


                          WE MAKE YOUR MOLDS

                          After many years of manufacturing small parts from cast zinc or plastic, we have our own in-house tool manufacturing department. This is where you go if you need something that does not exist. We have many years of experience of creating molds for making advanced parts. You can either use the molds to cast the parts yourself - or let us manufacture the part for you. The choice is yours!