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    • Edge protection
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    • VDI 6022 or DIN EN 45545-2


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      Specific solution systems


        Latching system Vision and Vision "Classic" fulfils all demands on a modern solution for electronic enclosures and server cabinets. Also: hinges, sealing profiles and accessories for your application. Read more …

          Klima-Flex 1 & 2

          Create latching, hinging and sealing solutions for your HVAC- or air handling units. Truly modularized system with numerous components, all being tried and tested. Design your individual solutions based on standard parts. Simple mounting processes. Approved to RLT directives, VDI 6022; sealed from L3 to L1. Read more …

            extra Flush HANDLEs/Latches

            T-handles and paddle latches: w/o compression.
            Made for vibrating environments like diesel generators (gen-sets), air compressors, trucks, construction machines, RVs or other special vehicle applications.
            Read more …


                    Applications and Industries

                    News & Stories

                    Stainless handles rated IP69K

                    Compression in a sealed, stainless product

                    A couple of nice new items for you to consider are the stainless L- and T-handles available with compression to maximize the seal against harsh weather. In addition, they are sealed and rated at protection degree IP69K, meaning it is sealed for high-pressure, high-temperature washing and is rated as "Waterproof according to NEMA 4".


                    One of the types (top handles in image) offers the more conventional solution with a fixed cam-position, allowing you to fine-tune the latching position with a bent cam. The other type (bottom handles in image) offers our popular extended, threaded shaft which allows you to place the cam along its entire length, resulting in a long distance for adjusting. Fixing the cam is done with counter-nuts.

                    This latch is the perfect solution if you are in prototype-building stage, or want only one latch in stock that will fit several of your products. This means maximum flexibility for adapting to your various projects.


                    These are unusual handles – being stainless and having built-in compression – and we feel certain you will find them unassuming problem-solving stars in those difficult situations like on oil-rigs, on ships, in factories and similar.The compression function seals the door just right, compressing the sealing profile to create a perfect seal against the surroundings and also reduces noise when vibrations are present. Finally, the handles are really good looking in brushed stainless steel, offering a good grip in the user’s hands.


                    Read more on the web catalogue pages below:

                    L-handles, page 6-162.
                    T-handles, page 6-152.
                    See video here

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                    Global need for quality hardware - not low priced products

                    Allegis Marketing Manager, Mr. Carl Craven, says: “I thought that the quality of the many contacts who stopped by our booth was a cut above previous shows. We had engineering and product managers coming over to tell us that they prefer quality hardware over strictly low cost hardware.”

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                        Here, we hace collected the videos describing how to assemble, and mount the products in your application. You can also meet our Lennart that in plain english will describe the difference between different hinges, how sealing profiles are made, how foamed gaskets are applied and much more. 


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                          After many years of manufacturing small parts from cast zinc or plastic, we have our own in-house tool manufacturing department. This is where you go if you need something that does not exist. We have many years of experience of creating molds for making advanced parts. You can either use the molds to cast the parts yourself - or let us manufacture the part for you. The choice is yours!