Railway Industry, Public Transportation: Exterior and Interior

Below, you will find typical latching products that historically have been used for railway industry as they are vibration resistant. This particular quality of withstanding a vibrating environment makes the products interesting for other applications too. For instance in ships, ferries, heavy construction machinery, diesel generators, bulldozers and other vehicles that shake due to powerful engines. These are examples of typical industries:

  • Rail- and train industry
  • Commuter trains
  • Vehicle builders
  • Heavy machinery construction
  • Mining equipment and mining vehicles
  • Emergency power and generator (Genset) manufacturing
  • Heavy duty air compressor manufacturing

Most of the products for these industries are often, but not always, manufactured from stainless or acid-proof steel as such products may be mounted on the outside the application where they will be exposed to harsh weather conditions. Products from normal steel may be used for indoor applications. Read more about each particular product on the corresponding product page if it is important that the product in question is vibration-tested to a particular standard, if this is important in your application.

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