Special-purpose Vehicle Industry, Trucks and Trailer accessories

Below, you will find typical latching solutions from our standard inventory that historically have been used for vehicles. The products are often stainless or heavily plated to withstand the harsh environment on - or in - a vehicle. They may be used in vehicles mostly used on the road, like construction machines, buses. They may also be used on stationary vehicles, like diesel generators, air compressors, caravans and cranes etc.

The products are highly durable, and are often sealed using extra O-rings and gaskets to prevent water, snow or dust from entering during operation of the vehicle. The products must often withstand high-pressure cleaning and a vibrating environment where thin sheet metal doors move and even expand and contract during temperature changes. Furthermore, the products must often be recessed with few or no protruding parts that could otherwise snag when the vehicle pass people or objects.

If you have other requests, please let us know. Since the 1990's we have developed a wide range of customized latching products for the trucking industry. We have developed everything from latches for glove compartments, folding ladders and tool box latches - to spring hinges, gas spring assisted hinges, friction hinges and multi-axle hinges. But now - please scroll down for our standard inventory focused on vehicles...