is usually done on Industrilas metal products to provide a hard surface and corrosion protection. The method may also be used for decorative purposes. Different colours can be obtained depending on the chromate concentration in the bath: metallic shiny, light blue, yellow, green, bronze or black. The baths contain among other things chromic acid, chromates, cyanides and acids.


The distinguishing characteristics of the general construction steels are their toughness and good response to welding. These materials have been given improved cuttability through cold work and / or lead additives. Industrilas uses S235JR (SS 1312) in for instance cams, if nothing else is stated. S235JR (SS 1312) characterizes cold drawn flat and round bars with good surface finish that are easy to work and weld on. Construction steels are mostly used in items with moderate strength requirements.


Copper is 100% recyclable without losing any of its properties. According to newly acquired data 34% of the 22 million tons of copper used globally every year come from recycled material. The lifespan of different copper products vary greatly, from 100 years or more in buildings, to just a few years in electronic equipment. In damp air, especially with air pollution present, a brown oxidation film builds up, which later transforms to a green patina. This thin layer protects against further corrosion. Common copper alloys are brass, bronze and silver plate. Industrilas mainly uses copper in custom ordered items.

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