As part of the product development at Industrilas an increasing number of products contain an injected, fixed porous gasket called FIPFG (Formed In Place Foam Gasket), also known as a ”PUR”-gasket (polyurethane gasket). The method involves robotic application on the item of a bead of liquid gasket material, consisting of a two-component polyurethane. As the gasket cures it also expands, turning into an attached, flexible, porous gasket, which offers a reliable barrier against influence from external elements. The fixed gasket simplifies assembly, reduces the number of loose items and offers improved sealing. The polyurethane is also available in special versions to achieve approval to a particular UL-norm or to the VDI 6022-standard.


A flat gasket is used to seal between for instance the lock and the door of a monitor housing in order to obtain IP65 in Industrilas products. The flat gasket is made of a blend of NBR (Nitrile Rubber) and SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber). It has good resistance to chemical and oil. The gasket can also be exchanged for other materials to achieve approval to a particular UL-norm or to the VDI 6022-standard.


The main requirement of these steels is good cuttability. The cutting speed needs to be kept optimally high. The shape of the filings needs to be short to make them easy to transport away from the point of cutting. Industrilas uses 11SMnPb30 (SS 1914) in for instance rod latches in the standard inventory. 11SMnPb30 (SS 1914) characterizes a lead-alloy freecutting steel of moderate strength. Its cuttability is excellent, and it produces short filings. It needs to be worked at a high cutting speed for best results.

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