This refers to the standards “EN ISO 14159 - Safety of machinery” and “Hygiene requirements for the design of machinery (ISO 14159: 2002)”; German version; “EN ISO 14159: 2008”. A “hygienic design” is the cleaning-friendly or easy-clean design of parts, components and production equipment. In the structural design requirements are taken into account to the ease of cleaning, so that areas can be avoided in which dirt can accumulate and can pose a risk to the product (eg food). Furthermore, the product design should facilitate an effective and simple cleaning of the parts, and are often made of materials that can stand up to disinfectants and to other ways of disinfecting machinery, for instance steam. Hygienic Design is an important element for ensuring the food quality.

Industrilas provides latches for machine casings or enclosures that meet the requirements of the hygiene standard above. See example 6-147: Quarter-turn latch for hygiene requirements.

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