IP54 = Dust protected and splash-proof This is considered the standard issue.
IP65 = Dust tight and water jet-proof The higher classification of intrusion protection is obtained by sealing for instance a lock’s housing with an O-ring and a flat gasket or a fixed gasket.
It should also be mentioned that Industrilas has a few other special classifications. Most noteable are products used in high-hygiene applications, for instance when our products are used in the food manufacturing industry:
IP69K = Dust tight and protected against close-range high pressure, high temperature water jets.


The Industrilas inventory features two main intrusion protection classifications. If a product is rated to seal at IP65 it has either been tested by an independent laboratory, or the product is so similar in construction to another tested product that it could safely be classified as IP65. However, it should be noted that it is the complete product that is rated for intrusion protection, including the cabinet or product that the item is built into. Industrilas AB can only guarantee that its products live up to their stated IP standards if those products are built in and used in a correct manner. The IP classification is designated by two numerals, with the following significance: the first number indicates the degree of protection against touch and intrusive objects; the second number indicates the degree of protection against intrusive water. The higher the number, the better the protection.

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