is a process whereby a protective layer is obtained on metals, especially stainless steel and copper, through submersion in an acidic solution. PHOSPHATING, an alkaline process that is performed to provide corrosion protection, a foundation for the lacquer coat, corrosion protection underneath a layer and/or to obtain lubrication. It is primarily iron and zinc that are given a phosphate coating. The most common methods of phosphate coating are, according to the content of the baths, iron, zinc and manganese, and they usually take place through spraying or submersion.


Injection moulding is a manufacturing process for items in various thermo-plastics, or plastics that become liquid at high temperatures. The machine consists of an injection unit and a mould-closing unit, and a mould unique to each product or tool. The injection unit is fed with ground-up plastic through a funnel that leads to a heated cylinder. The melting point is usually between 175˚ and 300˚ centigrades.

The molten plastic is pushed forward with a screw that also functions as a piston. The molten plastic is portioned out and injected in the mould in an intermittent process. The mould is kept closed until enough plastic is filled into it and until correct pressure has built up (50- 150 MPa). Now, the plastic is cooled off, the mould is split open and the part is removed, whereafter the process is repeated.

Important factors are the temperature of the molten plastic, the pressure in the injection unit, the temperature of the mould, the cooling-off period, and the dimensions and design of the mould itself.


Industrilas products are also manufactured through injection moulded Polyamide 6. The auto industry and makers of household appliances and office equipment are main users of PA due to its characteristics: wear-and -tear endurance; toughness; resistance to inorganic compounds, oils, greases, gasoline and organic solvents; can be sterilized with steam; and has a low friction coefficient. The standard Industrilas Polyamide 6 (PA6) is modified for toughness with various amounts of glass fibre reinforcements, usually 30% (GF30), to additionally optimize the characteristics of the product. Industrilas has chosen PA6 particularly for its high impact toughness and good mechanical characteristics. The temperature range for use of items made of PA6 is -30˚ to +70˚ centigrade. Industrilas also injection moulds items from other plastics, such as PC, POM, ABS, PP, PE and PS. Housings, inserts, handles, keys and hinges are all examples of products manufactured out of PA, even though all these items are available in other materials as well.


Industrilas aspires to control as many production processes as possible, and consequently in-house powder coating capability has also been obtained. The choice of method is based on several criteria, prioritizing product quality and environmental concerns. The preparation method is Bonderite, and the powder application is performed in a chamber with modern application equipment that charges the powder electrostatically. The applied powder is especially formulated for coating of porous items, such as die-cast or zinc plated steel, where the risk of blister build-up and pinholes are prevalent during the tempering process. The Industrilas standard powder contains polyester as a bonding agent, which renders the finished products extra resistant to bleaching by sunlight. After the coating the powder is cured for 20 minutes in an electrically heated furnace. The advantages of an electric furnace are primarily better process stability, and a less sensitive coating process of for instance light-coloured items.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most common kind of plastic. It is a thermoplastic polymer made of several connected vinyl chloride molecules, and constitutes one of the basic plastics. However, a material that only contains polyvinyl chloride is rather stiff, so a softening agent is added to the polymer. The Industrilas inventory offers edge protection in PVC and so-called carriers of certain sealing profiles.

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