The polyamide used by Industrilas (PA6) is reinforced with glass fiber for increased toughness. The amount of glass fibers varies, but is usually 30% (GF30). The polyamide may also be modified to fulfil the standard V-0 in accordance with UL 94 (flammability: self-extinguishing of the flame within 10 seconds). Industrilas use the PA6 particularly due to its high impact resistance and good mechanical properties. See also “polyamide”.

VDI 6022 Part 1 (2006-04)

The guideline series VDI 6022 applies to all air-conditioning systems, the rooms or common areas in rooms intended to be occupied by people more than 30 days per year or regularly for more than two hours per day. It applies to all equipment and appliances and their centralized and decentralized components (also HVAC-units such as cooling towers, which will affect the supply air). The Directive applies also in situations for air exhaust ventilation equipment when this may influence the supply air when using heat exchangers or similar.

Industrilas supplies products such as inspection windows for ventilation systems (HVAC-units) made of materials with the proof of the required microbial inertness according to VDI 6022. See catalog page 5-255. 

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