Klima-flex Outside Latching Unit

Klima-flex Outside Latching Unit

Easy and flexible surface-mounted solution

These patent-pending rigid HVAC-suited latching units are available in two versions. One for surface mounting and one for mounting through the door. The latter is easily combined with an inside safety catch and/or an emergency handle. The latches operates smoothly thanks to built-in mini rollers.


Benefits in brief:

- Innovative and patent-pending solution

- Minimizes the risk of air leakage

- 4 mm compression

- Vibration-proof latching

- Also available as through-mounted version for use of safety catch and/or inside security handle

- All plastic components, including the ones inside the air stream, are VDI6022 certified.

- Handle clicks into distinct open/closed positions

- Rigid 3-hole mounting

- Cam and striker are available as zinc plated or black powder coated


Download PDF-documents with drawings, CAD-files, P/N's and full info on the system on pages:

- 2-315h for cam, striker, housing and rollers

- 2-315d for handles

- 2-315f for inside options


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