Paddle latch with slam action

Paddle latch with slam action

Design and function in one unit

Patent pending heavy duty paddle latch in the Vector series. The flush handle assembles into your door with either a mounting bracket or with four cast-in bolts. Both alternatives provide a completely blind mount assembly.

Unique design with grip handle available as left, right or universal handle. The left and right handle provide not only an unique aesthetic appearance, but also provides the best possible grip in every situation, especially when mounted low or high in your application. A straight handle is available as a universal right / left version.

The latching mechanism securely latch the cam behind the striker in challenging conditions. In other words, the more pressure that is placed on the cam - the harder it will engage with the striker. Perfect for those tough applications.

The handle is available in two versions; "fixed cam" or "inside release". "Fixed cam" means that the spring loaded cam cannot be moved to open position accidentally (shifting goods etc) when the lock is in locked position. "Inside release" version provides a securely closed cam in normal use but can manually be open from the inside even when the lock is in locked position. This is a safety feature useful for times where maintenance people may be working inside the application. PUR-gasket from polyurethane and O-rings from NBR ensure a water- and dust tight sealing according to IP65.

See drawings, technical data, part numbers and downloadable PDF's of the Vector P with hooked cam on page 2-831a/b
See the explanatory video of all paddle latches below to learn everything about these new handles.


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Vector handle family

The new Vector 2-handle completes the Vector-series of handles that is perfectly designed for:

  • Vehicles - toolboxes for trucks
  • Caravans, motor homes
  • Hardtops for pick-up trucks
  • Generators, "gensets"

    This type of handle is recessed, has compression to keep weather out, allows for 1-, 2- and 3-point latching and has several different ways of locking, suitable for different levels of accessibility in your project.