Rectangular inspection window

Perfect for insulated doors

Rectangular inspection window in transparent polycarbonate. Intended for HVAC-applications using insulated doors. Used for visual control of processes while the unit is in full operation. The window is equipped with gaskets on both sides and is suitable for units with positive or negative pressure. Simple mounting using ten self-tapping screws from one side only.

Heavy duty hinge

Perfect for vehicles

A heavy-duty rolled hinge for mounting with screws or rivets. Ideal for vehicles. The hinge-leaves are folded, allowing a flat surface for mounting. Opening angle 180°. The six mounting holes have a hole diameter of Ø 6,5 mm. The hinge pin is fixed.

Slam catch

For Ø 10 mm round latching rods

A heavy duty catch with slam-latch-action. Commonly used in vehicle doors and similar as it will firmly grip a rod inserted radially through it's jaws. To remove the rod, it must be pulled out lengthwise.  

The new Intelliclamp™

How clever people connect enclosures

The 3D-Intelliclamp™ for connection of sections or units is now also available in a broader size of 50 x 50 mm. Just like its slimmer brother, it will align separate enclosures in X-, Y- and Z-axis as the through-bolt is tightened.

The unit provides a solid connection with perfect alignment of surfaces. It is easily mounted on the enclosure using rivets or screws. Each 3D-Intelliclamp™ consists of two interlocking halves, through-bolt and nut.


A latch that works like a hinge - and the other way around!

The multi-function compact latching hinge makes it possible to open, turn over or completely remove a door or access panel using the same hardware. This creates maximum flexibility when building an HVAC-unit when the final installation position is not known to 100%. It allows you to open a service door to the left, to the right or to be removed completely.


Adding style and function to your door - and is simple to upgrade!

The Vision escutcheon plate allows you to add a stylish "handle" to your door. The major advantage with this product is that provides the basic latching functions and is at the same time easy to exchange and upgrade to a professional swing handle with more durable locking functions. The product is available as IP 65 and available for control mechanism (with flat rods) or available for cam with round rods.
If equipped with insert Double Bit 3 or Double Bit 5 the plate can be combined with a partially covered insert ("key capture"), allowing you to use the key as a temporary handle while operating the door. The product is suitable for metal thicknesses 0,8 mm – 3,5 mm.

Paddle latches - four types of cams

New Vector P-handle has all the latching you could possibly need

We are proud to offer you our newly developed Vector handle for slam latching. This means that you can just slam the door shut and the handle will latch. You can choose between a version that can be opened from the inside (emergency opening) or the fixed cam version.  

Stainless handles rated IP69K

Compression in a sealed, stainless product

A couple of nice new items for you to consider are the stainless L- and T-handles available with compression to maximize the seal against harsh weather. In addition, they are sealed and rated at protection degree IP69K, meaning it is sealed for high-pressure, high-temperature washing and is rated as "Waterproof according to NEMA 4".


One of the types (top handles in image) offers the more conventional solution with a fixed cam-position, allowing you to fine-tune the latching position with a bent cam. The other type (bottom handles in image) offers our popular extended, threaded shaft which allows you to place the cam along its entire length, resulting in a long distance for adjusting. Fixing the cam is done with counter-nuts.


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Learn about advantages of

Vector handle family

The new Vector 2-handle completes the Vector-series of handles that is perfectly designed for:

  • Vehicles - toolboxes for trucks
  • Caravans, motor homes
  • Hardtops for pick-up trucks
  • Generators, "gensets"

    This type of handle is recessed, has compression to keep weather out, allows for 1-, 2- and 3-point latching and has several different ways of locking, suitable for different levels of accessibility in your project.