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    VECTOR latch

    Create your Vector according to the special requirements of your application:


    • Vector-1: T-handle - screw or rivet mounting, 4 mm compression
    • Vector 1: T-handle - with cast-in bolts, 4 mm compression
    • Vector 2: T-handle - heavy duty, with mounting brackets, 4 mm compression
    • Vector P: paddle latch - with mounting bracket, slam latch function  

    Make your choice of different materials, surfaces, locking options and roller cams.
    Optional: Please refer also to: Chapter 2 (overview all pages) or for more options to the Online Catalog.

    Vector 1 & 2: T-Handles with compression (click to expand) Vector 1 & 2: T-Handles with compression (click to expand)


      Vector 1 and Vector 2

      Thank´s to the 6 mm compression, it will make a sealing profile operate "just right" to keep snow, rain and dust out of the cabinet. The handle is available in two designs - hence the naming "Vector 1" and "Vector 2". 
      Both have a sturdy T-handle, good for operating with tough work hands - either bare, or with gloves. The handles are lockable with different methods: either with padlock loop, cylinder lock - or non-locking. They work well on almost any vehicle, including boats.


      Vector-handles in a boat application. A tough environment that is perfect for this weather-proof handle.


      The Vector handle installed in the back of a van. The handle is shown from the inside with a three-point cam latching the door on several points.

          Vector 1 - for fastening from the outside

      2-800a - drawings               2-800a - description

           Vector 1 - for fastening from the inside

      2-810a - drawings               2-810b - description

         Vector 2 - for fastening from the inside

      2-820a - drawings                2-820b - description


      Vector-P: Paddle latch with slam function (click to expand) Vector-P: Paddle latch with slam function (click to expand)


        We are now proud to offer you our newly developed Vector handle for slam latching. This means that you can just slam the door shut and the handle will latch. You can choose between a version that can be opened from the inside (emergency opening) or the fixed version.


        The Vector-P handle will have the advantage of slam latching, but will not have compression, rendering it less useful for really weather-proof application


        Click on the video below and learn more!


        Drawings 2-830a                     Description 2-830b
        System overview                     System overview

        Drawings 2-831a                     Description 2-831b
        Hooked cam                            Hooked cam

        Drawings 2-832a                      Description 2-832b
        2-point latch                             2-point latch

        Drawings 2-833a                     Description 2-833b
        Sliding cam                              Sliding cam

        Drawings 2-834a                     Description 2-834b
        Rotary latch                             Rotary latch



        Vector latches: optional products

        Please refer to suitable products according to your individual application: hinges, heavy duty hinges, friction hinges, sealing profiles or accessories.

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