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Mattias Lyckare

Department Manager
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We can help you if you are a big or small company. Big or small project - we are there to help. We can even help you if you need a "partial" production service: someone to help out with production, a CAD-design, assembly, painting, die-casting or something else. In today's changing business, we have to share the knowledge and help each other.

That's why we offer our experience and our resources to you. We can make good purchases and can offer affordable tools from for instance Asia. It's about buying good quality at a good price. The quality must be high enough for the project to work all the way. Thanks to our safe business partners we can procure tools with European standards of just the right quality. We also guarantee that spare parts function just as if the products were manufactured in Europe. This means that the customer gets the advantage of a good price and that we guarantee the reliability.


When you are in a hurry and have a small budget we can supply your production tools in no time - and at a good price! Or perhaps you need to start up your production quickly to generate profits. Take advantage of our passion for problem solving and let others wonder how you managed to deliver so much, so fast and at such a good price!