VISION Lift Handle

Intuitive and smooth opening and closing of your doors

This handle will allow you to create a door with intuitive and comfortable opening - and closing by pushing. Operates flat rods and has a protected cylinder or push button embedded in the dish.

VISION Ergonomic Swing Handle

For 40 mm profile cylinder or push button

A low profile swing handle for 40 mm profile cylinder or equipped with push button. The profile cylinder or push button is located in the dish of the swing handle and provide a more ergonomic design when maneuvering the handle, compared to other swing handles in the market with locking components embedded in the handle itself.

VISION Escutcheon Plate with Insert

Upgradeable simplicity - in one hole pattern

The Vision escutcheon plate is available for control mechanism (with flat rods) or available for cam with round rods. The Vision escutcheon plate makes it possible to use the same hole pattern either for high-quality swing handles or for this simpler tool-locking handle.

We are expanding!

Industrilas Group is expanding its operation in Sri Lanka.

It is now time to expand one of our overseas factories - now in Sri Lanka. The intention is to increase production capacity as well as introducing in new processes to the operation in the Sri Lankan production. The factory area will increase with a new hall and more than 1400 sqm in increased floor space.

Latching during the risk of arcing

Hold the door in place even if there is an accident

Vision Outside HEAVY-DUTY is designed to be tested in low- and medium voltage applications with risk for electric arc explosions. The Vision HEAVY-DUTY latching system makes it possible to operate heavy-duty locking points along several sides of a door.

Paddle latch with slam action

Design and function in one unit

The paddle latch that will make your life so much easier! Three different designs, two ways of mounting it into your door,  and the option to get it with emergency "inside release" will make this your favourite handle. Allows you to open door as left- or right hinged door.

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