Our office in China

Taking care of the Asian market

To better cater to the Asian market, Industrilas opened its first China office in a skyscraper in the city of Shenzhen on 2012. This was a natural step as Industrilas received and processed an increasing amount of requests from European companies that were moving their assembly plants to China.

Full speed at BlechExpo 2015 in Stuttgart!

Industrilas again meeting point for engineers, purchasers and users of smart hardware solutions.

Blechexpo 2015 has once again hit the bull’s eye, because the strict alignment throughout the process sequences for sheet metal, pipe and profile processing includes all relevant aspects from raw materials and processing technologies right on up to thermal and mechanical joining.

Industrilas invited customers as well as potential users to learn more about the current state-of-the-art product lines.

New CEO at Industrilas

Stefan Karlsson new CEO at Industrilås in Nässjö

November 1, 2015 Stefan Karlsson became the new CEO at Industrilås in Nässjö. Karlsson comes from a position as CEO at Awal in Hillerstorp and has over the last 20 years worked in senior positions in Swedish industry.