New Products at EuroBLECH

New product releases sets bar for future

The 25th International Technology Trade Fair has been held at the Hanover Exhibition Center that opened their doors for a few days dedicated to sheet metal working. Then closing on  Friday, October 26, 2018, a total of 1,507 exhibitors from 40 countries in eight exhibition halls were happy to have shown their latest technological developments in the process chain of sheet metal processing. With 89,875 square meters, this year's EuroBLECH recorded a 2,000 square meters larger exhibition space than the previous event in 2016.

Latching during the risk of arcing

Hold the door in place even if there is an accident

Vision Outside HEAVY-DUTY is designed to be tested in low- and medium voltage applications with risk for electric arc explosions. The Vision HEAVY-DUTY latching system makes it possible to operate heavy-duty locking points along several sides of a door.

Paddle latch with slam action

Design and function in one unit

The paddle latch that will make your life so much easier! Three different designs, two ways of mounting it into your door,  and the option to get it with emergency "inside release" will make this your favourite handle. Allows you to open door as left- or right hinged door.