Klima-flex K1 Stainless steel

Klima-flex K1 Stainless steel

Acid-proof system for HVAC applications

The market leading access solution family for HVAC applications, Industrilas Klima-flex™, can now offer an acid-proof, stainless steel latch and handle configuration.


The handle is compatible with the full range of Klima-flex K1 parts, like cams, interlink systems and inside handles. This means that you can decide to use it simply for its elegant design, or to use it for specific purposes. When you combine it with acid-proof latching units, housing and hinges you get a and corrosion-resistant solution for harsh environments, such as the oil-, gas- and offshore industries.


Benefits in brief

- Handle, external housing and padlock loop are in acid-proof steel (316)

- Three different latching unit options: S, G40 and M

- Latching units are available in stainless steel (303) or acid-proof steel (316)

- Fits door panel thicknesses of 25-100 mm

- Available in non-locking and padlockable versions

- Combine with acid-proof Klima-flex hinges, housing and latching units to create a corrosion-resistant solution


Klima-flex system

Learn more about Klima-flex and how to design your access solution at the Klima-flex family page.



If you would like to order a sample, please send an e-mail to sample@industrilas.com.



Download PDF-documents with drawings, P/N's and full info of the system on page 2-311e and 2-311f.


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