Klima-flex Latch Hinge Gen2

Updated and patented solution for insulated doors

As a part of the market leading Industrilas Klima-flex™ system family, this patented latch hinge is developed for HVAC applications, specifically for insulated and pressurized doors. The solution allows you to open the doors 180º in either direction, or to remove the door completely.


The safe two-stage opening process allows the cabinet to depressurize before it is fully opened, A distinct click gives the operator instant tactile feedback on when the door is open or closed. 


Benefits in brief

- 6 mm compression

- Built-in safety catch for safe opening of pressurized doors

- Smooth geometry provides excellent ergonomic maneuvering 

- Tactile feedback with distinct clicks for open and closed positions

- Can be used to open door 180º to the left or right, or to remove door completely

- Vertical adjustability and guiding assistance

- Available with mounting bracket for best possible stability

- Totally surface mounted solution that leaves inner door skin intact

- Available in three versions: non-locking, keyed and tool operated 

- Also customizable with your logotype

- Meets the requirements for sealing level L1 according to DIN EN 1886


Klima-flex system

Learn more about Klima-flex and how to design your access solution at the Klima-flex family page.



If you would like to order a sample, please send an e-mail to sample@industrilas.com.



Download PDF-documents with drawings, P/N's and full info of the system on page 2-317e and 2-317f.


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