Latching during the risk of arcing

Latching during the risk of arcing

Hold the door in place even if there is an accident

Vision Outside HEAVY-DUTY is designed to be tested in low- and medium voltage applications with risk for electric arc explosions. The Vision HEAVY-DUTY latching system makes it possible to operate heavy-duty locking points along several sides of a door. Space the heavy-duty locking points according to your needs, and add Vision guide points to simplify closing the door. Add a re-directional corner for each additional door side you want the locking points on.

When using the latching system to prevent accidents during an electric arc (explosion-proof use), the whole application (enclosure and latching system) must be tested and approved by appropriate authorities to receive a certificate for use.


The advantages with Vision HEAVY-DUTY:

  • Heavy-duty locking points (Ø 8 mm stainless steel) insures maximum protection so that door will stay on the enclosure in case of an accident.
  • The Vision guide-blocks guide the door when closing and positions the door in the right position prior to latching.
  • The corner control mechanism allows you to place locking points along any side of the door. You can even place locking points between the hinges!
  • The latching mechanism is placed outside the sealed door area, resulting in a ”clean” door design with no cut-outs in critical areas of the door.
  • System can be manouvered with any of our Vision-styled handles.
  • As door is latched - it is fixed in all dimensions (X, Y and Z) creating a vault-type latching performance, second to none.
  • Direct load transfer from frame to door i.e. no oscillations from load transfer via rods.
  • Unlike other systems on the market, this system operates with door allocation prior to gasket compression, and finally the heavy-duty locking points are activated. No shearing or side loads on the gasket means better sealing properties and longer gasket life.
  • Versatile and flexible means that the Vision system is capable of filling all your enclosure latching needs. Single system designation means higher production efficiency and less supply chain costs.

Click to see the explanatory video of the system.
Download 4-page PDF-documents below with drawings, P/N's and full info of the system - or use this link.

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